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Delmarva Tour, June 2009 - Part 2

Early Monday morning my host came into the spare bedroom and woke me up. 

After breakfast Sadie had Daniel drive me over the Bay Bridge to Kent Island so I could resume my adventure. We arrived at a shopping center at 8:30 AM and I began to assemble the rig. In this photo, Daniel seems a little wary of the weight I'm pulling. Still, it's less than that of a 75 pound Lab.

Daniel's suggestion was I follow the access road to Rt. 18 and follow that through Kent Island, but after he left and I'd ridden it to a store for more liquids, I set my mind on finding the Cross Island Trail. The CIT travels six miles across the island and narrows, offering great views of the bay. I headed north, and while looking for it experienced another example of the serendipity I find while touring. A sign pointed to "Stevensville Historic District", and I followed it to the right. I was rewarded with the sight of Victorian buildings, their bright colors popping out in the morning sunshine. 

At the restored 1902 train station.....

... I met up with a cyclist on his way to work. 

Jim is a roofing contractor, and it seemed everyone in town knows him. We spoke for a few minutes about the town and my bike, Jim taking an especial interest in my trailer. He then told me to follow him for a tour of good buildings to shoot. "I don't want to hold you up from work" I said. "I got two days to finish the job, so I can take a few minutes" he replied as swung a leg over the top tube. And we were off. I'd never have noticed this church without Jim playing shepherd to me. 

After more talk, photos, and riding, Jim led me to the trail head, passersby exchanging good morning with my leader and I. We said goodbye and good luck, friends for a quarter-hour united by a town and two wheels. 

The Cross Island Trail was lovely, offering both shade and scenic views of the water and nearby flora.

After a trip through Nature's realm, it was back to Man's as the trail ended at Rt 18. At the trail end is the Maryland Watermen's Monument, a tribute to those hardy folks who lived their lives, and often gave them, on the Chesapeake. 

As I started on what promised to be a day of riding highways, I noticed a turtle attempting to cross Rt 18. I attempted to herd it across the narrows to the water, and was soon joined by others. We saved two turtles that morning, and I felt I'd partially repaid some of the debt I owed to Nature for the wonderful trail rides I'd had over the previous two weeks. 

Off I went down Rt 18, searching for the bikeable portion of Rt. 50, the "Ocean Gateway." I stopped for directions twice, rode up entrance ramps twice only to be turned back by the "No Bikes" signs, and eventually reached it after a ride through the small town of Grasonville. I saw all the trappings of small town America - the little businesses, the roadside stands, the fire hall and the post office and the homes modest and grand, all inviting me and my camera. However, I had miles to make, and they had to wait for another day. I rode up and onto the Ocean Gateway, and began to grind out miles on the shoulder as 18 wheelers sped past me. 

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A Taste For The Woods: Delmarva Tour, June 2009 - Part 2

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Delmarva Tour, June 2009 - Part 2