Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poole Forge

On Saturday, after the disappointments of the Crow's Nest Nature Preserve and Money Rocks County Park, I stumbled onto a place that restored my good mood. While driving back from Money Rocks, I spied a covered bridge just before I reached Route 23.As I reached Route 23 to turn around, I noticed the bridge was part of a historic park. I pulled into the parking area and discovered historic Poole Forge.

Poole Forge is, as its name suggests, a historic iron forge. The buildings, including the ironmaster's home, are restored, and the Poole Forge Bridge still spans Conestoga Creek as it has since 1859. In addition to the buildings and bridge, there is a playground for children and picnic areas in the park. Although its not a large area, I put in a half-mile walking around photographing the buildings, the bridge, and the creek. It was a good ending to a lackluster day.



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A Taste For The Woods: Poole Forge

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Poole Forge