Sunday, January 5, 2014

Camp Michaux, Michaux State Forest, October 2013

In May I visit the ruins of Camp Michaux, the former CCC and then top-secret WWII POW camp in the woods outside Pine Grove Furnace State Park. In October following my hike up Pole Steeple with Jacob we headed back to the camp. Jacob is a veteran and has an interest in history, so he wanted to see the camp. 

During my previous visit and the October follow up I saw numbered markers scattered throughout the ruins. We thought there was some guidebook available, and it turns out we were correct. The website

has a link to an ebook of the walking tour, and the explanation of the various markers, ruins, and structures at the camp site. Hiking isn't difficult at the ruins but its very much at your own risk, since the woods contain bear and timber rattlers, and poison ivy grows in the area. Its not a walk in the park, in other words. Still, I hiked a mile with Jacob and we both enjoyed our little walk in the woods through the camp and across Tom's Run. Next time I'm out I'll bring a printed copy of the ebook and give Camp Michaux the tour it deserves. 

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A Taste For The Woods: Camp Michaux, Michaux State Forest, October 2013

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Camp Michaux, Michaux State Forest, October 2013