Monday, February 10, 2014

Money Rocks hike, February 2014

There are pros and cons to any hike, and for many people a winter hike has cons outweighing the pros. However, one big benefit to a winter hike is that views normally obstructed by foliage are clear. So on finding myself in the Lancaster area with my friend Chris Saturday afternoon we headed over to Money Rocks County Park.

On my previous visit I described the park as "not worth the effort" and wrote I'd never go back. Well, famous last words....and I'm glad I revisited. In the cold and snow and ice the park was transformed. Ice glistened on every tree, the ground was white, and most of the graffiti on the rocks was obscured. And the view was better. Still limited by tree growth, but you could see why guidebooks praised it. Since neither of us brought crampons or other traction devices for our boots we didn't climb up on the rocks themselves. We limited our hike to a mile and turned around at the point Chris is standing in the photo.

Still, a mile is a mile, and it was more work than normal as we had to wade through snow to get to the overlooks. It was a great short hike, and we both felt we deserved our hot chocolate afterward.

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At February 10, 2014 at 9:36 AM , Blogger Dan said...

I always feel like the local hikes offer little in elevation, but other times, they provide interesting wildlife. I guess it depends what you're going for (if I end up there, it's to get out while conserving fuel).


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A Taste For The Woods: Money Rocks hike, February 2014

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Money Rocks hike, February 2014