Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weigh in, April 2, 2014, and an explanation

My apologies for not posting regularly the past couple of weeks. I'll explain below, but first, let's get the weigh in noted.

I tipped the scales at 306, meaning I've gone up a pound since I last posted a weight three weeks ago. All things considered I can consider this a small victory. Although the number going down is what I hoped for, I can take an essentially flat result under the circumstances.

The "circumstances" I mention are stress and time on the day job. My work has just swamped me the past month, and I'm not coping well with it. I do not handle stress well. It leads me to mindless eating, keeps me from exercising, drains my energy, and makes me depressed. While I do have stories of outdoor activities to share with you, I've not had the focus or energy to write. I'm working on changes to my job and life that will hopefully allow me to better manage the stress in my life and on my job, and I'll be back to my old self. That's me in the photo to the right. I want to be that guy. I don't feel like I am now.



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A Taste For The Woods: Weigh in, April 2, 2014, and an explanation

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Weigh in, April 2, 2014, and an explanation