June 26 - A day with little to say

"Every day is a winding road" as Ms. Crowe put it, but that winding road sometimes isn't an exciting one. Such was today. I left Cape Henlopen headed Northwest about 40 or so miles to camp. I failed to secure a reservation and Killan's Pond State Park had no available camping spaces. So instead I secured a cheap motel in nearby Felton.

The weather was unremarkable - 90 degrees with a slight headwind. I had no anatomical or mechanical problems - knees and butt were fine, and the bike and tires functioned as they should. I passed through two "Mill" towns, Milton and Millford, without any trouble and in good time. I lingered in the historic district in downtown Milton.

I did get lost a couple of times, and in one instance a wrong turn led me a couple of miles through Redden State Forest. This wouldn't have been so bad except that the greenflies thought dinner was served every time I stopped, and they didn't find clothing much of a challenge to bite through. But other than that, the day was pretty ordinary. Which was fine with me, for I'd had some adventure already, and I no doubt would have more in the next few days.

I arrived at my motel by 6:00 PM, and spent the night in my room catching up on laundry, charging my cell phone, and reestablishing contact with the 'real' world. Considering most of the alleged 'real' world was rehashing the death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and Perversion, I considered myself lucky I had two more days of unreality. I fell asleep early to the sound of the air conditioner.