Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gear: My Bicycle

In addition to riding and hiking reports, and observations on weight loss and knee replacement, I thought a series of posts on the gear I use might be of interest. I can't say my gear is the best available, but it serves my needs well enough. I'll start with the biggest item I use - my bike.

I currently ride a 2010 Surly Long Haul Trucker. It's an all-steel bicycle, with a set of 'touring' or 'butterfly' handlebars instead of the traditional drop bars, and an elevated stem. I've added a leather Brooks saddle, the Imperial model with the anatomic cutout, a Tubus rear rack, extenders on the crankarms, and "Landcruiser" pedals from Bike Nashbar. Bicycles can be formed to fit their owner, and I've done so here. The handlebars address my balance problems by allowing me to reach the brakes and shifters without having to remove my hands from the bars, the stem helps my bad back, the saddle will conform to my body with time, the rack will hold what I need to carry with me, and the extenders and pedals accommodate my wide stance and my size 13 feet.  As I ride it more often I'll probably make other adjustments to it.

I've named my bike Notung, after Siegfried's sword in Wagner's Ring, because the bicycle is steel and because Notung is a sword only a hero can wield. In other words, I hope to live up to my bike. I plan on using Notung for not only day rides, but touring as well, so it will either carry a trailer or a set of panniers front and back. I have a trailer, which I'll discuss in another post, but I lack the front rack and the pannier.



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Gear: My Bicycle