Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ohiopyle and Oldtown, August 2010 - Part Two

I woke up, crawled out of my tent, and plotted my drive home Sunday afternoon. It was so breezy I had to anchor the map lest it blow away:

After breakfast nearby, we headed to Ohiopyle. Once there, JAGraham and I rode in the 'wrong' direction, towards Connellsville. I'd decided I wanted to see my favorite overlook on the Passage, six miles out. Repeatedly on that trip we met CrazyGuyOnABike poster Larry Albert and his two companions. Albert and JAGraham know each other from the forum, but had never met in person. Albert's account of the meeting is here. And here he is riding down the trail:

The overlook was as pretty as I remembered it, even with the Yough at a low level:

I turned round and rode back to Ohiopyle. I watched the kayakers navigate around Fern Clif from the High Bridge:

After meeting JAGraham at Ohiopyle, it was off to Conflunce for a late lunch. I rode, she drove. Sisters' Diner is in decline, and I may have to skip it when I'm next in town. Confluence Cyclery made some adjustments to my derailer to eliminate a squeak. And then south, and uphill, to Rockwood for my final night on the trail. I made decent time despite my hands going numb and my itchy photo-fingers. 

I arrived at 7:30, rode to Husky Haven for my last night in a tent, had a big dinner, and retired with a 43 mile day behind me and a 43 mile day ahead of me.

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A Taste For The Woods: Ohiopyle and Oldtown, August 2010 - Part Two

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Ohiopyle and Oldtown, August 2010 - Part Two